• KR

Compound Effect

I can feel myself getting older. I'm still me, I still make the same dumb mistakes, but I feel myself maturing and making wiser decisions. I still have an unhealthy obsession with coffee and Ed Sheeran, but hey, I'm only human. My gig schedule is packed and I'm hungry for more success. I'm on a roll but the kind of roll that's calculated so I'll be able to stay consistent. It's nice to feel like I like me nowadays. I'm kinder to myself while still staying motivated to do and be better. I find myself preaching these ideologies and practicing them as an example. I feel proud of my growth. I feel like I have something to offer and I haven't always felt that way. My standards are accustomed specifically to me so I can surround myself with good people and influences and make great use of my time. I swear I was an 18 year old fresh from a TV show in London YESTERDAY. Now I'm 26, I work for myself and I can't wait to see where the next year takes me.