• KR

What is art?

I believe in a world filled with art.

Our understanding of art, individually, doesn’t come near a scratch of its surface.

What is art?

Art is the idea, process and completion of creativity in action.

If I am to create, I am to create with purpose.

What greater purpose is there than to manifest something that once wasn’t?

If I am to commit, I am to produce new life into a living world.

Art is endless; it’s ever-changing.

It’s growing.

It’s recreating the frailties within us and composing a necessity without us.

What is art?

If ever I desisted, if ever I betrayed my purpose, off with me.

I shall not live for less than extraordinary.

What point could there be?

The oceans consume us with fear and wonder; we know it thoroughly, not.

The forests give us glimpses into what lies within. All it adventured, no.

But what’s more?

What’s outside of us?

Have we knowledge of the vastness of our minds or the greatness of the galaxies?

What is art?

I could write a song to portray the depths of me that words alone could not comprehend.

I am to write.

I am to create.

I am to live in a world filled with art.